Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Miata NA (1991) Brakes & Rotors


Very straight forward.

Couple of notes

- On the rear brakes, the you DO NOT compress the piston with a C Clamp.  Use an allen wrench to turn a screw that compresses the piston
- you do not need to remove the 'key" when unwinding using the 4mm allen wrench.  you should be able to see the piston retract when turning.
- I had to use a hammer to gently tap the rotors as I rotated then to break them free.
- I released the parking brake
- I used a lift as couple of the bolts were on tight and extra room made access much easier to break free.

lots of good info on miata net and you tube



Saturday, September 29, 2018

Miata NA cursed water plug part # FEA7-13-104


1991 Miata US w/ 226K miles

Overall the job was straight forward and took me a couple of hours with breaks.

Only needed to remove the ignition coil which turns out to have been the hardest part. Specifically the lower bolt [12mm].  Removing two heater hoses would have made it easier. I did not.

Special thanks to Rocky's Miatomotive for advice on access


- ratchet/12 mm socket
- regular pair of pliers
- small flashlight
- flat head screw driver

- FEA7-13-104 (cap, ceiling)
- Clamp (worm style)


- While I could reach in with my left hand from the passenger side and touch the plug, I needed visibility and additional access in order to remove and replace the clamp.  Removing the ignition coil served two purposes

1) allowed me to shine a flashlight down onto the plug so I could see to grip the clamp
2) provided access to allow me to tighten the new clamp (used worm gear)


Step 1 - remove ignition coil.  top 2 12mm bolts are easy.  bottom 12mm bolt was a challenge due to limited room.  I was able to get a ratchet on the bolt and it was slow going.  Range of motion was limited by the heater hoses so only turning the bolt about a 16th turn each time.

Step 2 - remove clamp/cap.  with a flashlight shining down from the space opened up after removing the coil, with my left hand I was able to get a pair of pliers on the clamp and the light allowed me to see what I was doing.  Clamp/cap came of easily with no residue on the pipe.

Step 3 - replace cap/clamp.  using my left hand I was able to reach in a and push on the cap.  used saliva as lubricant.  then used my left hand to slip on the clamp and hold it in place.  Then looking down from on top [ignition coil gap] , with my right hand was able to use a screw driver to tighten the worm clamp.

Step 4 - replace ignition coil.  Tight fit but was able to get the bolt started then, as above, took a while to tighten due to limited range of motion on the ratchet.


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Garmin NUVI 1300 update maps

2017 .img file available via goolge search

format SD card and create Garmin folder
copy file into Garmin folder on SD card

to load map(s)
check map(s) you want

if more than one map then

GMAPPROM.IMG  for the Primary mapset 
GMAPSUPP.IMG  for the second
GMAPSUP2.IMG  for the third 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Google Play Music Manager

uploading songs via music manager did not find my itunes folder even though it was in the default location

check "share itunes library XML with other applications"
restart music manager

if you have your itunes library file somewhere else then take a look here

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Panasonic TC-50PU54 Power Supply Replacement

tv would not turn on.  no power/no blinking lights/nothing

goolge search for troubleshooting tv power supplies reutned several good videos

i was not getting any standby voltage on power supply board so decided to spend $25 on power supply on ebay before paying a tv repair ship or buying a new tv

replaced board and TV is working.


remove the back cover.  easiest to have it lying face down on the floor
about 2 dozen screws.  3 sizes.  all Phillips head

disconnect ribbon in lower right corner of power supply board (blue circle) and check for any voltage on the pins.  i did not get any voltage on any pin so assumed bad board.

disconnect 4 other connectors (red circles).  can do by hand.

remove 5 screws

replace board.