Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Porsche Cayman 2008 Windshield Wiper Leak

access.  great article here on how to remove the reservoir. 

turns out i could replace the pump and grommet with the reservoir in place. although it would not have been obvious until after i did it.

troubleshooting.  the leak was coming from the area where the pump nozzle fit into the grommet at the bottom of the reservoir.  as the water level had to be about an inch higher than the grommet before it started leaking it was not clear exactly where it was leaking.  The fit between the grommet and pump nozzle or the pump housing.  the price of the grommet with shipping was around $12 and pelican parts sold the pump and grommet for $18 so I decided to replace both

helpful hints. 

I removed the entire cowling in the wheel well to provide better access. 

There are 4 screws (T-25 torx) and 3  plastic nuts (10mm).  The 4th screw is underneath the car, just inside the lift lift spot.  It is not shown in the write up

The plastic tab on the fill tube failed (just underneath the finger) when trying to bend it back making it difficult to remove as had no leverage to lift up the tab.

you can remove the pump from the reservoir by simply pulling up on the pump.  it is located behind the green circle