Saturday, March 2, 2019

Miata NA (1991) Hood release cable replacement

Very straightforward

great video here titled Miata MX5 Hood Release Cable Replacement - MIATA STREET

bought a new cable from the dealer for $40.  Think I could have bought on line for $20

Fortunately my cable failed with the hood open.  I had been having trouble pushing the handle back in for some time before it finally would not go all the way back in so the hood would not close all the way.  Crappy design as the actual cable was fine.


I attached some string to the end of the cable before pulling it through the firewall.  This made it simple to pull the new cable back through.

Garmin Vivoactive HR died

watch died after 2 years and a month (Jan 2016 - Feb 2019)

Went to the garmin repair site, entered in my serial number and to my surprise it was covered.  I did not buy any special warranty

They sent an email that includes a shipping label (free shipping).  Mailed on a Saturday, returned a refurbished unit the following thursday).

Very Happy Customer.


I use the watch mostly in a salt water environment (surfing).  would guess around 100 hours of exposure to salt water over the 25 months.

I use the surftracker app.  almost from the beginning I would notice the display screen changing randomly while in the water. looking back this did lead to additional button pushes while in the water to get back to the data screen.  something garmin says to avoid.

I have not had a chance to use the refurbished unit in the water yet