Saturday, February 19, 2011

Apple TV 2 jailbreak

used greenpois0n windows version from here

rc6 version 1

took a few tries to get it into DFU mode

loaded xmbc so now can stream all video file formats

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Apple TV 2

[update] router setting seemed to be the issue. had an old ehome eh100 wireless g with wep enabled. changed security to none but enabled mac filtering. no connectivity issues for the last week remote app working on both iphone 4 and ipod

initial setup worked. a bit of a pain using the remote to enter names and passwords. hit enter instead of a direction key and have to scroll over to the back button.

connectivity droped as apple tv does not see itunes. firewall off/anti virus software off. reset works but have to enter all the info again.

got the iphone remote app to work, recognized apple TV, but that also dropped and now remote app can't find apple tv.

resetting again

Jailbreak Iphone II

untetheredversion is out. rc5 greenpoisOn. no sweat.

version rc 6 is out.

wifi stopped automatically connecting to home network. no problems manually connecting.
reset network settings (general>reset>reset network settings) and has been working fine for the last week

only have winterboard and cydia loaded
5 dock icons comes in handy