Monday, August 15, 2016

Porsche Cayman headliner replacement

2008 headliner started sagging last week.  Lots of google searches later here is my story.

I only did the remove/replace headliner and had an upholstery shop replace the liner for $150.  As you need to replace the liner anyway, made sense for me to have someone else mess with preparing the surface (remove old foam), applying the glue, and getting the contours fitted properly.

Looking back, it was not that difficult and I would do it again.

 two helpful you tube videos.  (before you complain about the video quality, try taking video yourself while performing this procedure)

Hardest part by far was separating the A and C pillars.  everything else was easy.

looking towards the back,

looking down
I started with the C pillar first. I did not remove the whole thing, just unclipped the section closest to the A pillar.  step 1 was removing the trim from around the seat belt feed behind the seat.  there are 4 tabs and 2 slots.  I started with the tab closet to the outside of the car.  insert a plastic trim tool in the gap and rotate.  this technique worked for the 4 tabs.  pried up for the 2 slots in the back. remove one star bolt. i used 7/64 hex.

this was the hardest part.  separating the 3 tabs connecting the A and C pillars.  Although I took out the light, I did not need to as there is enough play in the wire.  circle 4 is the one fastener I did unhook to prove enough play to allow a pillar trim to slide past c pillar trim.  it looked a little tight in the video where they did not remove it.

this is a view of the 3 fasteners on the A pillar trim piece that connects with the C pillar trim piece.  bottom of the picture is also bottom of the trim piece. looking at inside of drivers side piece.

once C pillar trim piece was loose, pulled the A pillar trim away from the car at each slot starting with the one closest to the back of the car.  careful with position 5.  need to pull away from the car but also, once loose pull trim piece towards the back of the car so as not to damage the tab on the end.

 5 slots where the A pillar fasteners line up

drivers side A pillar trim with location of fasteners.  on both sides, the fastener in position 5 stayed on the frame.  used needle nosed pliers to extract and fit back onto trim piece.  nothing broken.

after A pillars, removed sun visors, light, and garage door remote.

for sun visor, remove plastic cover then unscrew.

on the clip. pull down the plastic cover to reveal screw.

for the light, two tabs at the front.  you do not need to disconnect the wires as assembly fits through the opening

tabs for the garage remote are on each side.  no need to remove wires as assembly fits through the opening

removal/replacement.  pushed both the light and garage door opener through the headliner and was able to slide out the passenger side door.
would have been easier with  a helper during replacement.