Monday, October 12, 2015

ONKYO TX SR313 No Sound/Remote control not working

No sound - Perform a "hard reset".  Note this procedure will reset any settings you have programmed (i.e. radio stations, etc). With the unit off, on front panel, press both the VCR/DVR button and power button simultaneously.  Release both when unit turns on and "clear" shows in the display.  Unit will power off.  Power on and my unit was back to normal. 

Remote control not working - Red light powers on when buttons are pushed but receiver does not respond.  See procedure above.

My unit was under warranty when the sound output failed.  Closest store handling warranty work (40 min drive) told me to bring it in.  Dropped it off and week after they called to say it was ready.  Seemed kind of fast.  Was not until I got home and looked at the receipt that it said "performed "hard reset" and operation returned to normal.   Wish they would have asked me to try that before bringing it in.

Got it home and a week later, the remote stopped working.  Decided to try the "hard reset" and remote is now working again.