Wednesday, December 22, 2010

jailbreak iphone 4.2 ios

that is 2 hours of my life i will not get back and two heart stopping moments.
i am back to "original" iphone after the short lived experiment
decision to reverse course was based on fact that the jailbreak is "tethered" which means if you power off for some reason (i.e. do what you are told on an airplane) you need to reboot while connected to your computer.
main reason for jailbreak was to change the sound of incoming text and email

steps for jailbreaking were straight forward and easily found via google
one reference was at

- save shsh blobs using tinyumbrella (before i upgraded to 4.2 so i can downgrade to 4.1)
- run the redsn0w exploit (need to run this several times with minor variations)
- got stuck in the recycle mode. apple logo visibile but could not do hard power down by just pressing the power button. ran the exploit in that state despite the statement to do this while "off". it worked and my heart started again
- downloaded the cydia app and winterboard. required a couple of reboots
- works as advertised changing themes
in the cydia apps store was the post that said for 4.2 users to hold off as not all apps worked with that version yet and an un tethered version was in the works. did not see that anywhere in my searches

undoing jailbreak hit a snag as got an error "1015" during software validation. google search turned up a solution to add a line to your hosts file. i looked and already had that line. removed it and restore worked. heart started again.