Wednesday, January 18, 2012

installing dd-wrt firmware on D-Link 601 router

I wanted to connect my ONKYO receiver (ethernet connection only) to the internet but did not want to run a ethernet cable from the wireless router that was upstairs.

two methods - both involve installing 3rd party firmware on my d-link 601 router.

client mode using dd-wrt.  this worked but was only a "one way" connection.  The onkyo receiver could connect to the internet but i could not connect to it from my desktop or iphone remote application.  dd-wrt has a client bridge mode but i could not get that to work and after reading the forums, apparently a lot of other folks could not either.

client bridge mode using gargoyle.  this worked.  i am able to see the connection on my network and access the receiver ip address as well as use the iphone remote app.  with this set up, the router in the client bridge mode is set up next to the receiver in the living room and gets its internet connection wirelessly from the main router.  then use an ethernet cable to connect the receiver to the router (LAN port) to provide internet connection to the receiver.

loading 3rd part software.  instructions for dd-wrt can be found on this page and files for various routers can be found on this page

NB.  read and heed the peacock thread  this has lots of good info like do not trust the database search function.  my router could not be found on main pages.

instructions for loading gargoyle for dlink 601 can be found on this page.

i used firmware file 1.4.5  found here  choose aAR71XX architecture to get access to dlink file

was able to flash back to dlink firmware but took some doing as do not think i followed the directions well.  one tip is getting to the recover page on a browser other than firefox or IE.  i used ultra simple web browser

if i had read the dlink posts ahead of time i would have known dwt client bridge did not work on my router.  apparently gargoyle firmware will but need to do some more research

discussion on client mode can be found here

it was straightforward but the web site is a bit difficult to navigate.  i had a D LINK 601 router and it was not included in the database.  however, reading the peacock thread it says to ignore the database menu and go straight to hardware files.

final configuration

d-link 615 (primary router)
d-link hardware E1 firmware 5.00NA
802.11 mode=mixed
enable auto channel scan
channel width 20Mhz
security mode = WPA personal
cipher type = TKIP and AES

d-link 601 rev a configuration (router running gargoyle and hooked up to the receiver)

gargoyle version 1.4.5

device configuration = wireless bridge/repeater
bridge address
subnet mask
AP gateway =

connect via client bridge
repeater disabled
operation mode N+G+B
SSID = [same as my primary router]
wireless channel = 6
encryption = WPA2 PSK