Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Scorpion Bay Surf Trip - Oct 2016

- Read Baja Surf Guide or at least visit http://www.thesurfersguides.com. Lots of good advice.
- I bought a DSURF travel bag. 10' and holds 2 boards.  Bag got trashed by the airline on the return flight so something to consider if thinking about renting a bag.  Do not recommend the bag as need a sturdier canvas outer shell.
- No ATM's in San Juanico.  Several in Loreto

Getting there from Loreto Airport (as of Oct 2016)
-  3:15 minutes via highway 1 south, then west, then north.
-  Google maps/Garmin no good once you are north of  Ciudad Insurgentes.  Looks like it has been several years since last google earth/maps update.
- Watch out for two unmarked speed bumps as you drive through a small town 10 miles north of Ciudad Insurgentes.
- Take Las Barrancas exit (25.9939 N,-112.1162 W) about 55 miles/88km from Ciudad Insurgentes .  Follow signs to San Juanico.  About 45 minutes to town of San Juanico

- Roads were in good shape, mostly.  Paved all the way except for spots when when they were not.
- Roads are narrow and drop off with very little shoulder.  If you need to bail right to make room for an on coming truck, careful you don't get a tire over the edge.
-  Take it easy heading south from Loreto as lots of hills and winding roads.  Only policia I saw was 10 minutes south of  the airport.
- You can make good time once you turn west and then north as roads were straight and in good shape, mostly
-  Roads were washed out in several places so road conditions can go from perfect asphalt to 2 foot drop off without warning.

- mostly surfed 2nd point.  occasional waist high.  a bit crowded as more folks (~10 - 12) waiting at the point than waves in a set.  mostly friendly with better surfers somehow not managing to wait in the line up

Scorpion Bay Hotel
- Good news A/C and Wifi
- Bad news they shut the power off at 11 pm most nights so obviously no A/C or Wifi
- rooms were nice and staff friendly
- Wifi was a shared connection so limited bandwidth.  no streaming.

Remote Desktop Connection Black Screen Raspberry Pi [solved]

Readers Digest version:  Change resolution in the /boot/config,txt file

Long version

Replaced motherboard on my desktop to include installing new graphics drivers.

Tried to RDC into the Pi and got the black screen.  Connection was OK as I could SSH in.

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

had to change both the overscan (top,bottom, left, and right) as well as hdmi_group and _mode.