Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Miata NA Horn Button Repair

My left horn button was working so this narrowed it down to the right horn button or wiring.  i did not have to remove the steering wheel or mess with the airbag

Step 1 - pry out the button.  I used a plastic trim remover tool.  as others have stated, patience and persistence.  working around the edges it slowly starts to come out.  used a fair amount of force pushing up/down against the bottom/top of plastic button then towards me.

This is the tab (one on the top one on the bottom) that holds the button into place.
i was getting 12v across the wires so power was good. after removal, i was getting resistance across the wires when the button was depressed so that confirmed it was the button

i tried the spraying electrical cleaner advice - multiple times over several days and button presses (100) with no joy.

Step 2 - from the back side push the tabs in and up.  i only needed to do three so did not have to deal with the one under the connectors. you can do this sequentially.

Step 3 - used sandpaper to clean the copper connectors on each side.

Step 4 - confirm resistance goes to zero when pressed.  you can remove the circular connector on the back side of the button which allows you to press it against the other side without having to snap it back together before confirming good connectivity

Step 5 - re install the button, enjoy a sense of accomplishment and try to forget about your $10 ebay purchase of new (to me) buttons w/ wiring.  it was knowing i had a new button coming that allowed me to try and separate the existing button.  while hinted at in one post, was not obvious to me.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Raspberry Pi projects

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3, webcam, ip camera
Software: NOOBS 2.4.3 Raspian (Jessie stretch)

Note: Use a power supply vice a iphone or other "charger".   the led should be solid RED indicating good power vice blinking.

Current Projects

- record motion triggered surveillance video to NAS from webcam & ip camera using motion/motioneye.

- text me my estimated morning/evening commute time using google maps api

- email me the weather forecast if there is a chance of rain

- plot surf tracks on google earth using garmin vivoactive hr lat/lon data

Past projects

- monitor cable modem data to troubleshoot connectivity issues