Saturday, January 20, 2018

Panasonic TC-50PU54 Power Supply Replacement

tv would not turn on.  no power/no blinking lights/nothing

goolge search for troubleshooting tv power supplies reutned several good videos

i was not getting any standby voltage on power supply board so decided to spend $25 on power supply on ebay before paying a tv repair ship or buying a new tv

replaced board and TV is working.


remove the back cover.  easiest to have it lying face down on the floor
about 2 dozen screws.  3 sizes.  all Phillips head

disconnect ribbon in lower right corner of power supply board (blue circle) and check for any voltage on the pins.  i did not get any voltage on any pin so assumed bad board.

disconnect 4 other connectors (red circles).  can do by hand.

remove 5 screws

replace board.